Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Bridal Session

On a windy cool day we had an opportunity to participate in a bridal session for Stacy that turned out surprisingly well for the way the weather was not working in our favor. It had been warm and beautiful for a week up until this particular day. This day, it became windy and quite cool. I was afraid she would end up with blue lips and goosebumps all up her arms and shoulders in her sleeveless cathedral gown. Instead though, with all of the moving and posing we were doing, we all actually stayed quite comfortable if not a bit overheated.

We started off with some test shots of her in her dress. The back of her dress was beautiful and though the wind wouldn't allow us to keep her dress spread on the left side like we wanted, I was pretty pleased with the technical outcome of the photo.

Though we hadn't originally anticipated using the building and deck for any of these pictures, we ultimately did to take advantage of some of the shade. This one had an antique filter to it.

Stacy has the most beautiful piercing blue eyes so I wanted to take a shot that would showcase them. I added a soft white vignette around the photo to draw more attention to her eyes.

One of my favorite shots out of the whole series was the one below. I used a diffuser filter on this for the first time and didn't have to do much other than crop for the final print shot. I love her thoughtful expression and the way the light falls on her.

This was Stacy's favorite shot of the bunch. It was one of mine too but I preferred the color version while she preferred the black and white.

Another favorite was the one below where some of the rose petals had fallen from her bouquet onto the train of her dress below. I wish there had been a few more petals in this picture but overall, I think it turned out nicely.

Another of my favorites from this session is technically a terrible shot. It's blown out as can be and overall not the greatest when thinking of it in the "techical" way. An idea by a friend I had assisting me was brought to my attention. He thought it would be nice to take some of the extra roses and let her blow the petals off of her hands. When it came time to do this shot the grounds keeper was walking towards us and telling us it was time to "close up shop" and they had to lock the gate. So quickly, we handed her a handful of rose petals, set up real fast and had her blow them in the direction the wind was blowing. It was a super rushed shot and though it left us a less than stellar technical photo I was completely happy with it.

So, aside from the wind and the chill in the air, we had a very nice session and a wonderful time. These sort of photo sessions make me a little nervous and anxious just before because I want so badly for them to turn out like I plan in my head. Always though they end up being a blast. It's so awesome to get an opportunity like this with a fun loving and very willing bride.

Stacy, thanks again for having us take your bridal shots for you. We had a wonderful time and lots of good laughs together. I hope you are as pleased as I am with them and keep us in mind for any other events that might come up in your future.


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