Saturday, April 14, 2012

79-365 Run Jimmy Run

I was standing outside with my friend Chrystal on a break from a training class we were in.  Our co-worker Jimmy was down the sidewalk from us so I told him to smile.  The one fighting to get out of the picture is him...obviously.  LOL!  The funny thing about this picture is that I didn't even realize our other co-worker, Johnny was even in it.  I was so intent on getting Jimmy that I didn't even see him walk by until I looked up from my phone.  I am in love with this new app Instagram which is what was used for this picture.  You will likely see a lot of photos from that app because I LOVE it!  AND...I'm not sure how many photo settings I'll be posting on photos I take with my Nikon anymore because it's a pain in the butt to collect that info from my insanely long list of EXIF data my camera collects on each image.  So, I hope to be able to post more often though it's not going to be daily, I'm sure.  :o)


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