Sunday, July 05, 2009

My Good Friends "Little Men"

Well obviously I haven't done too well in the photo a day project I had planned to do a while back. I've got tons of daily photos but can never find the time to edit, upload and post them. So right now, I'm on a different route.

This weekend was an awesome one and I had the opportunity to take some photographs for a great friend. Her little boys ages 2 years old and 2 months old are such a pleasure to spend time with. Mason is starting to find his voice and express himself by smiling and cooing. Our goal was to get just one picture of him smiling. That proved to be quite a challenge because he was way more interested in the big black thing pointed at him. When I pulled it down, he would smile, when I put it up, he would just stare at it. Guess there are so many new things for babies this young to see and experience that it's hard to preform when they have so much to learn. This shot was one of my favorites. His mom was snapping up above his head and he turned towards the sound.

This next one I had seen done similarly by another photographer so I wanted to see what I could do with it. I thought it was a nice way to draw attention to his sweet baby feet but still keep him connected to the photograph. I see so many pictures of just baby feet that I thought this was a neat idea to borrow from.

This one captures him cooing and talking to us. What a sweet boy!

Seeing my friend interact with her kids is so fun. She's a great mom and her kids are number one to her. What a strong bond she has with them.

Mason is a sweet baby. I think I've heard him start to cry just one time in the two months I've known him. He seems to be very laid back and the kind of baby to just go with the flow. Here he was just chilling out. :-)

He was ready to "put up his dukes" in this next one. It's amazing how many pictures you can take of an infant and how many different expressions & poses you can get without even moving them from the spot you are shooting in.

This one again captures him as he is cooing and talking to us. What a pleasant baby to be around.

Now for my friends other little man. Keegan is full of energy and spunk. I love playing with him. We went to the new park in town and just let him run around and play and be himself. I think the playground setting is perfect for a backdrop for his personality.

First off, Keegan was NOT into this photo session. Every time I tried to snap a picture or call his name, he knew well enough what I was doing and ran the opposite direction. Therefore it proposed a bit of a challenge. Though I was a little concerned I might not end up with much because of that and because of the bright sun up above, I almost believe that the shots from this session were better than any before. I had to use the element of surprise and a lick and a prayer to get what I ended up with.

Shot number one..."no way I'm letting you take the kind of picture YOU want to take lady so just back off". I thought this one was great because two year olds can be just as stubborn as our grown ups. Being that I know Keegan pretty well, this one makes me laugh.

This next one was totally luck! He was dodging me and my camera every step of the way even though I had hoped to get one of him inside the slide. I was able to grab this one really quick before he decided he knew what I was attempting.

Keegan's mom suggested the swing. At least then he would be a little bit more restricted from running from me. I got this one shot off before he was ready to move on again. Man, two year old's are fast!

A quick one from the upper levels of the playground gym.

The following photo really shows the sweet heart behind this busy little two year old. I am so grateful to know him and his family!

And last but surely not least, my most favorite ever picture of Keegan. Like I said earlier, he is full of spunk and energy. In addition to that, he is a very happy go lucky fun loving & happy child. I think this picture represents the Keegan that we all know. He's "wylde" and crazy and we all are so lucky to know him.

Thank you Terrina and Thom for again letting me take pictures of your sweet boys. Children are definitely my most favorite subject matter. How awesome it is to capture them in their candid moments and create records of their quick growth. Before we know it they are grown up and on their own. I hope you are as pleased with these photos as I am. I always look forward to the next opportunity.

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