Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday - February 21, 2009

Saturday was a busy busy day but I DID manage to get one picture. It's terrible! Not the subject matter because it's my oldest son after FINALLY getting the mop on his head cut off but terrible in that it is B-L-U-R-R-Y! I didn't even check the picture when took it and I usually do. Lesson for day four...CHECK THE PICTURE AND MAKE SURE IT'S FOCUSED! LOL! I said in my first daily photo experiment post that I would learn stuff surely by doing this. Well, I went back the fundamentals of photography yesterday! I never thought "focus" would be a big issue but if you don't check could be a huge issue. Especially if there is no way to retake the shot. I think this could have been a cute snapshot of my son but instead is a cute subject that is blurry. YUCK!! It's hard enough to get good pictures of a thirteen year old because they don't want to cooperate with anything and I make it worse by messing the one chance up by not checking it when I was done. HA!

So here is my lesson found online about this subject:

"The plane of critical focus in your image will be the area that falls on the active focus area. As you point the camera at various subjects and press the shutter button halfway down, you'll see the subjects pop into focus in the viewfinder."

Here's the picture. I won't even go into setting details since it's blurry. I LOVE my little man's new haircut though! :-)

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