Monday, August 29, 2011

78-365 Couple of Irene

So some of my friends have asked me if I'll get back to my 365 Project.  I'm so super involved in my town's youth football program and love it so much that my project sort of took a back burner for a little while.  Now that all of my rosters have been approved and made active and my little man has decided not to play which means I don't HAVE to be at the field every night and every home game Saturday every day, I hope to be able to get back to my project.  I may not post every day or take a photo every day but I will do my best.  I had wanted to start this project so I could create a photo book including the 365 days of photos and though they may not be consecutive, I will still make myself a book of my years worth of photos once I've reached 365 days.

This past Thursday, I decided to take a trip out to Bogue Pier before Hurricane Irene because I had never been out there before a storm and always wanted to.  (I was sorry to hear that this icon of our coast, that the end of the pier where the observation deck was, had been destroyed by the storm.) I didn't know there would be as many people in the surf, nor was I prepared for the shaking going on, on the pier.  The waves weren't the biggest they could be at this point in the storm but they were still bigger than I had seen and I can't imagine what that amount of water must feel like when the surfers were hit with it.  I have a lot of pictures but out of all of them that I still haven't finished processing, this one I kept coming back to.  I love the scene.  I think it's simple, romantic and leaves an impact on me.  This young couple were hanging out on the beach together and the innocence in the young lady standing there with her boyfriend in this scene was beautiful to me.  Human nature made me want to know more about them.  I applied one my my favorite Photoshop actions called Midnight Sepia because it lends to the romanticism in the image.  I'm sincerely considering entering this into the Art Contest I plan to enter in the next few weeks.

My settings are as follows: Shutter speed - 1/1000 secs, Aperture - F2.8, ISO - 100, Flash - Not fired, Focal Length - 60mm, WB - Cloudy.


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Nice shot!!!

Chrystal S said...

I LOVE it!!! :)


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