Monday, April 04, 2011

58-365A & B Amusing Fun

We went to the Newport Pig Cooking contest just to check out the festival.  I had read that they had donated more than 700,000 dollars to charitable organizations over the years.  I expected it was going to pretty much be food and craft stands.  My boys and I were pleasantly surprised that they had rides too.  I don't ride rides but I love watching others ride them.  This first ride was a different version of what I believe was similar to a ride called the Zipper.  Crazy!  My little one hadn't ridden any big rides yet so this was his first one and I was a little nervous for him.  He LOVED it!  They are in the bottom section of this ride.  I think this would have been a really cool picture if it wasn't for that ugly RED truck.  LOL!

The next ride they rode I just knew was going to make one of them throw up all over the other.  Who in the world thought "hey, I think it'll be fun to make a round bucket with seats and a steering wheel in the center that allows you to spin it so fast you get dizzy..."?  My two boys happened to get on the ride with a bunch of other kids closer to their age when the previous bunch looked to be very young kids.  The little ones didn't spin their buckets too much.  I guess the whole thing spinning was enough.  Heck, THAT was even too much for me.  This older group of kids couldn't even wait until the ride started to start spinning their buckets as fast as they can with all hands on deck making it turn.  I got queasy just watching them.  I have a couple pictures of my little one where I was afraid he really  might lose his lunch...and we hadn't even eaten yet.  LOL!  After this ride, they went on the swings which also went around in large circle.  A glutton for punishment I guess.  Which is why we made them wait to eat barbecue!  Once they were done riding, we got in the food line and boy my little man had white lips and didn't look the bright pretty flesh color that he should!  We hugged him close while we laughed our butts off at him.  It was his first experience like that and I think he'll be a bit more cautious before he goes on that many dizzy type rides in a row.  :-)

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