Monday, April 11, 2011

67-365 Willow Greens

This tree is the same one I photographed in the beginning of my project with no leaves.  It is also the same tree that has the beautiful moss all over the side of it.  Today when I got to it, the new leaves really grabbed my attention.  The light fresh green with the dense heaviness of the atmosphere that sort of gave a soft haze to parts of the final image I think worked out quite nicely.  I love the way the light is sprinkled throughout the leaves.  I am beginning to have quite an enjoyment of trees and the different phases of their life in one year.  My own Crape Myrtle tree looks pretty neat right now because it's just now starting to show it's buds for the spring.  Maybe I'll try some creative shots with it tomorrow....maybe with my wide angle lens.  This was taken from inside my car through my opened sunroof with my cell phone.  I don't have any settings to report except that I bumped the saturation a bit in my phone to bring out the bright light green in the leaves.

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