Saturday, February 12, 2011

10/365 Intracoastal Waterway

My husband and I went to visit an art gallery show in Morehead City tonight that featured a photographer and her photos of Italy.  I enjoyed meeting her and talking to Lynn the owner and I can't wait to get some of my work into her gallery.  She's on Facebook (Blu Sail Gallery) so check her out when you have a minute.  I also got to see my old boss and co-worker which was great!  You make relationships with people you work with for so long and I have so many great memories of working there that I was so happy to see them!  (They might also be reading this so I have to post something good! *insert wink to Mr. B & Will*)

On our way to the gallery, I asked my husband to pull down a road that I used to turn down to go to Burnette Architecture (check out their site) each morning of work because for some reason, the view down at the end of this road has always been one of my most favorites.  I had taken one of my first silhouette shots here when I worked for Burnette of a lone Palm tree with a beautiful sunset behind it.  I forgot how pretty Morehead City was as we continued on our drive to the gallery. picture.  Not digging it but I have to post something today to keep from messing up my project.  The colors of the sky were very pretty in this shot but the foreground was toned badly to me so I thought the only thing I was going to be able to do with this one was to convert it to black and white.  It was with my cell phone so my settings are always the same as the previous photos I've posted from my cell phone.  Thank goodness for HTC Evo's thought process in developing a phone with an 8MP camera in it!  :-)

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