Sunday, February 20, 2011

18/365 Aluminum Foil

I wonder how quick I'm going to make people sick of macro shots?  When I'm at home and remember I need to take a picture, I always tend to reach for that lens.  Maybe because it's easy to know the possibilities are endless.  I think next time and for a couple of days in a row, maybe I'll try to increase my challenge of this project by making myself use my 20mm wide angle.  It gets challenging enough to just come up with an idea for the shot of the day so actually using that lens and being happy with what I come up with on my own may or may not happen.

I started off taking pictures of the carnations I still have from Valentines Day that are surprisingly still alive.  Then I tried a couple of close ups of the condensation that was building up on my crock pot lid.  Then I thought, maybe I could get some blue drops of Windex on aluminum foil that would look neat.  None of those ideas were working for me.  So, I balled up the foil and stuck it under the light and shot 2 takes of it.  One of them the perspective was too weird.  The other one I was happy with.  Taken with my Nikon D200, the settings are as follows:  Shutter Speed: 1/15sec Aperture: F4.6, WB: Cloudy, Focal Length: 60mm.

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I really like this. kwb


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