Monday, February 07, 2011

5a&5b/365 Moss & Tree

So I may completely be breaking the rules of this "Project 365" but I feel I would probably be breaking my own if I didn't post both of these today.  I had already chosen, after taking the few pictures I took today, which picture I was going to post.  I had sent it to my friend (check her blog out HERE, she makes beautiful handmade papers and takes pictures too!) because I was so excited about it.  Of course, as always the dedicated friend, she complimented it.  I just <3 her! :-)  Anyway, her support made me even more excited about the image.  

The picture below is a moss covered tree (I believe a Pecan to be exact) and was taken on my HTC Evo 4G.  (Which doesn't get 4G service here because I live on the coast and we're slow in these parts with that kind of technology...BUT...the 8MP camera was quite a selling point, 4G or not.) ;-)  The settings will pretty much always be the same on my images shot with it, except the focal length.  I also tend to stick to lower ISO's so most of the times it will be 100 for the Evo and I can't change any other settings that I know of.  Though I never want to be considered a "Photoshop photographer", I did bump the saturation in this image because when I looked at the original (and also knowing that colors tend to pop a little more on overcast days) I wanted to exploit those that I saw deep in the moss and bark of this tree.  I believe it resulted in a very exciting image and I am very pleased with the end result.

After I showed my friend the picture above, another friend/co-worker who I think the world of and is following my 365 Project, came in and asked so excitedly what my picture of the day was.  I should have just said, "You have to wait and see and check my blog", but I guess I just couldn't resist his charm.  ;-)  LOL!  I showed him the silhouetted tree below and he said "ah, that's sexy. You should post that one".  I told him to wait and see the other one I had already decided on.  After I showed it to him he still thought I should post the silhouetted tree instead because he said it appeared to represent a woman's legs.  So, I can roll with that interpretation. :-)  I reallllly wanted to post the tree moss one and told him so.  He said I should then post his preferred image tomorrow.  But, I want it to be a photo a day....the day I take it!  It keeps me honest and keeps me shooting daily and learning more because of it.  My own rule for posting an image a day for the day it was taken is the rule I don't want to break.  So, not knowing the "real rules" of this 365 Project, I'm chancing breaking someone else's rule and not my own.  After considering both of my friends feedback and arguing with myself on what to do, I decided what the heck and am posting two.

Here is my image. I did make a slight tonal adjustment and bumped contrast and sharpness.  Otherwise, it's pretty much the way it was.  I don't know what my white balance was set to (yes, I can change my white balance in my phone but not my shutter speed...go figure) but I am quite pleased with the result of this image too.  

Thank you to those of you who are "following" me (even if not in the sense of "blogger following") in my early days of my 365 Project.  I encourage you to comment and give me feedback because it is a great learning tool for me.  I love to hear different opinions and views and can take the good and bad in all of them.  I hope as time goes, you will share my journey with your friends and other lovers of the arts and they will come by and visit too.
Thanks so much for looking.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

You have such a creative genius! I was wondering if the two pictures were of the same tree. It's hard to grasp the scale without a comparison (ex. person standing next to the tree). I love the 1st one! The 2nd one looks like something from an Edgar Allen Poe Story!

I love your creativity!


Herrmann Photography said...

Hey Jenn. Thank you so much for following me. The close up of the tree bark and trunk is actually a tree to the left of the large tree I shot up to in the second image. I think they're both the same species of tree and I like your comment about how hard it is to grasp the scale in looking at one and then the other. They are both about the same size tree. The one with the moss close up is down by the base of one of them. I like the contrast between the two yet the imposed similarity of the two at the same time. Thank you for your kind words. I hope more people will follow me and give me feedback as time goes on. :)

Jennifer C said...

Love the colors and textures of the bark image! I bought the htc phone also, the camera is pretty awesome for a phone :) I added the retro camera app, it has a pinhole camera that's cool.


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