Wednesday, February 23, 2011

21/365 Pine Branch

So I've been home sick as a dog all day long.  I've not thought once about my project today until my friend Vic shot me an email reminding me.  Since I don't feel like taking a picture for today, I'm breaking my own rule and pulling from the archives.  I don't even really know what the rules are for this project except to blog a photo a day.  Not sure if that means I have to actually take one every day or just post one.  I prefer to actually take a picture the day of but since I'm still trying to feel better, I'm cheating tonight.  I do take more than one picture most days so you guys don't get to see ALL of them.  Once in a while, an archive might be neat to do anyway.  Maybe I'll even pull out some "oops" shots occasionally so you can see that I do take plenty of bad pictures too.  :-)

This was taken the same day I took my 8th picture.  I was running around the backyard chasing my dog and trying to get a good picture of him and while I waited for him to settle down, I snapped a couple of the end of this pine branch.  When I was deciding on my eighth day whether I was going to post one of these or the one I actually posted of Ryleigh, this one quickly went back into the archives.  Tonight when I went back through some of my unused pictures, this one caught my eye.  I really like the texture in this becomes my picture of the day.

The settings were 1/60 sec, F3.2 aperture, ISO 320, WB Cloudy and focal length 60mm.

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