Friday, February 25, 2011

23/365 Daisy

I'm about 47 minutes from my 24th of 365 pictures being due!  I sure did push this one late. 

My awesomely awesome mommy sent me the most beautiful flowers today after a quite successful day yesterday.  She totally surprised me!  The arrangement has 5 different kinds of tropical plants in them which is great because I LOVE plants.  And in front of the plants that are sort of used as a backdrop for the flowers, there are pink roses, darker pink carnations and then the little tiny little flowers that aren't baby's breath but very cute!  And also there are daisies in the mix.  They are one of the prettiest flowers to me and remind me so much for spring for some reason.  I shot 64 pictures today of the various flowers.  The one below is my favorite!

Thank you mom!  Here is one of your flowers, recorded forever!  It'll never die!  :-)

Settings were 1/30 sec, F5.6, ISO 40, WB Manual 5200k, Focal length 60mm.

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