Tuesday, February 15, 2011

13/365 Cake Boss Cake

My friend Wynne is from New Jersey and she went up there this past weekend to pick up her daughter to move her back home.  She decided to go to Carlos' Bakery in Hoboken.  For fellow fans, this place contains the well known super cake baker king, The Cake Boss!  I LOVE this show and I hope to go see his shop and maybe even meet him one day.  You can check out my website for pictures of my own cakes under the "Art" gallery.  I started teaching myself how to decorate cakes with fondant after I quit smoking and love it.  Wynne was so sweet to share her cake with us and I was quite surprised by the taste of it.  After being a huge fan of the show and thinking, man I bet his cakes melt in your mouth...I wasn't totally impressed.  To be honest, I think my recipe that I use (I have one chocolate and one vanilla) could maybe even be chosen a winner in a taste testing contest.  Granted mine DOES call for one box of cake mix, taste is whats important right?!?!  I consider my recipe a "semi" (by a very small amount) homemade.  You still have to use all of your traditional cake ingredients so it's still really homemade to me.  It also has a package of pudding mix which I really think aids in the moist outcome of the cakes.

Anyway...I took a picture of this and even though I wasn't knocked over by the taste of it like I thought I would be, I still LOVE the Cake Boss...and will still go to his store one day and probably spend $115 or more on cake like my friend Wynne did!  LOL! 

Taken with my cell phone and as always, the settings are always the same for those pictures.

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