Thursday, February 03, 2011

1/365 B&W Gel Pen

So I attempted to start this "365 Project" months ago & got all of 3 days into it.  I took pictures many days in a row but just couldn't ever find the time to post them.  Now that I have an Android phone & there's an Android app, I'm going to try to start this thing all over again.

My phone will likely be the primary source of my photos because it is the most convenient for me in my crazy busy life.  Since it's pretty much with me 90% of the time (everyone needs 10% privacy, right?) and because it has an 8mp camera in it (2mps less than my D200) I figure it'll be perfect to use.  I also have a great little Photoshop App that I absolutely love so I can do some basic or modern/contemporary post processing if I feel a need for it which may be pretty often.

Now, down to business.  I'm at work so guess what?  My first picture is a pen!  How fun and creative huh?  Lol!  I ran it through my little Photoshop app because it truly was quite boring.  I converted to black & white, increased the exposure to blow out the over light reflection in the center of the picture, bumped up the contrast and cropped it down a little. Much better than the original I think.

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