Friday, February 04, 2011

2/365 Windsheild Raindrops

I was sitting in my car waiting on my friend to get here & the rain drops looked really cool on the windshield. I thought it would make a really neat picture for my 2nd of 365 pictures. I tried a couple different versions & white balances to see what I'd get and this one is my favorite. Since this was taken with my HTC EVO, I don't have any shutter speed or aperture control unfortunately...or at least, I haven't found those options yet.  The focal length for this was 4.9mm and the ISO is set to 100.  I post processed in Photoshop by just adjusting the curves on it a bit to bump the contrast and smart sharpened about 25%.  Otherwise, this is pretty much as it was when I shot it.

Thanks for looking and I'll post my third of 365 pictures tomorrow.

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