Sunday, February 27, 2011

25-365 On Demand

This is a completely lazy photo but after an 8 hour day installing a new front door, lock sets for it and a new storm door, I'm whooped.  I feel much safer though now than I did with the door we had that only had one little door knob with a simple turn lock.  I could have broken into that myself!  :-)

So...obviously, this is my remote control.  I call the picture "on demand".  How unique, huh?  Oh well, I had to post something and this is what my followers get.  I liked it in B&W better than in color.

The settings are as follows: 1/4 sec, F4, ISO 400, On board flash, WB auto, Focal length 60mm.

1 comment:

Kelly Edwards said...

I LOVE IT!!!! That's what my kids think I am to them... LOL


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