Tuesday, February 08, 2011

6/365 B&W Football

Today after lunch I quickly remembered I had not shot my photo of the day yet.  So I grabbed a quick shot with my cell phone of a white picket fence from a side angle but wasn't pleased with it when I opened it in Photoshop.  I also snapped an odd angled perspective shot of the sale bins in Food Lion and though the colors were great, I just wasn't feeling it.  When I got home and after I ate dinner and did some other things I had been neglecting, I grabbed my Nikon and started walking around the house with my 60mm Micro Nikkor.  I tried some drink coasters that we got when we were in the Dominican Republic...not feeling it.  Then tried some colorful rocks we have in a decorative dish...not feeling that either.  Then I went to my sons room and tried some stuff with his guitar neck.  Feeling that a little more but still not too happy with my pictures.  

Finally, I saw my youngest sons beat up worn out football!  DING DING DING!  We have a winner!  I have seen some great shots of beat up worn out footballs.  I'm actually surprised I haven't photographed one before and some who know me and know how much I love football and how involved I am in our local Association and League may have wondered the same thing before.  LOL! 

I felt that the B&W conversion did it much more justice than the colored one.  Since I took it with my DSLR, I can give you settings this time.  ISO is still set on 320...only because I keep forgetting to put it back on 100...which I prefer.  The focus length was of course 60mm as I used my fixed lens. (Love that thing...thanks Vic for all the feedback when I was deciding on which lens to get!)  The shutter speed was 1/30 seconds and the aperture value was wide as I could get it in the light I had at F3.2.  It was hand held and since I fired the flash off the ceiling to try to top light it more (successfully I think) it gave me the sharpness I wanted, where I wanted it.  I am super pleased with this photo.  It may be my favorite so far out of the 6 photos I've taken on my 365 Project.  

I have a long way to go and I'm learning so much already just in the six days!  I highly recommend taking the 15-30 minutes it takes to do this project and snap a picture each day to anyone who wants to learn more and find out how surprised they can be when they see their end results.  

As always, thank you so much for looking and feel free to leave feedback, opinions (good or bad) and comments.  It's a great way to extend my learning quest further!

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Chrystal S said...

You've never taken a football shot before???? Oh my gosh! You are so crazy about football too. Well, your first football shot is a winner that's for sure. I love it and I really like the black and white. fabulous!


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