Saturday, February 19, 2011

17/365 Blue Guitar (Light Painting)

The photo club I joined had a meet up tonight to do light painting planned.  So I wanted to test out what I thought the procedure was before I left so I could get my settings like I wanted them and understand better how the light recorded on the digital image sensor at long exposures.  I tried my bulb setting and had thought that I would be able to put it on the timer and it would open the shutter for me. doesn't work like that.  I just I was typing this...realized why.  How do you close it if you open it up with the timer?  I would still have to touch the shutter release button to get it to close.  So...I ordered a shutter release cable for next time. teenager plays guitar and we got him a beautiful electric blue electric this past Christmas so I pulled it out and used my blue cover over my small flashlight.  Post processing was basic levels and curves and then I created a B&W layer underneath the color version and just masked over the color around the guitar so the B&W would shine through. 

I can't seem to find my exif reader program to get the settings quickly so I'm just posting it.  Plus I'm so darn sleepy so I'm going to bed! 


Kenneth said...

This is gorgeous. I love it. Ken B.

Wendy said...

Amazing pic, are you selling large wall prints?

Herrmann Photography said...

Wendy, I do sell large prints. I lost a few weeks of images on an external hard drive so I can't remember if this is one of them but let me know if you'd like a print and what size and I'll see what I can find. Thank you for your kind words. This was my first attempt at light painting and I must try it again. It is a very unique method for creative photography!


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