Tuesday, February 22, 2011

20/365 Mini Pearls

Yep.  Another macro.  That lens is so cool.  I forgot that I challenged myself to use my 20mm wide angle for a few photos the other day.  Oops.  :)  I did take some pictures of my sons practice bells with my 20mm tonight but I wasn't pleased with any of them.

I am realllly running out of ideas as the days come and go.  I have 340 days left to go and I would really love some ideas.  Too bad I only have 3 followers.  Surely I can't put it all on them to give me suggestions and ideas, right?  (Those of you who are not publicly following yet...all you have to do is create a quick gmail account to post...shoot me an email or something if you think of anything).

So tonight...you get another macro of some miniature pearls that I saw in my scrapbook embellishments drawer...that I applied a midnight sepia action in Photoshop.  Settings are 1/4 sec, F5.6, ISO 400, WB Incandescent, Focal Length, 60mm.

Bring on the ideas folks.  I need them.  I have a LONNNNNNGGGGGG way to go.  :)


Anonymous said...

You have more than 3 followers.

Herrmann Photography said...

Well, I would love to know who is following. Maybe you can take the time to create a gmail account so you can sign in with a name? Regardless, thanks for following my blog. :)

Leah Paladino said...

Love this one Heather - so graphic. Following you every day!

Leah Paladino said...

Love this one Heather! Simple and graphic but elegant. I am following you daily!


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