Saturday, February 26, 2011

24/365 Pelletier House

This photo project is really making me go to different places and see things I wouldn't think twice about if I wasn't making myself take a photo a day.

This morning I had to run to downtown Jacksonville this morning and when we were walking to the car, I saw this house that I knew was here but never took the time to stop by.  I read the little placard in front of it and learned that it is the oldest and only remaining "antebellum" home in the city of Jacksonville.  I searched antebellum architecture and found that the word "is a term used to describe the characteristic neoclassical architectural style of the Southern United States, especially the Old South, from after the birth of the United States in the American Revolution, to the start of the American Civil War.  Antebellum architecture is especially characterized by neoclassical and Greek revival style plantation houses and mansions." (ref:  This house in particular was said to have had two rooms in it, the front serving the business side and the back serving the living quarters.  It's a super small house.  It was locked and we couldn't get in but as we walked over towards the river side of the house, there was one of the historians/volunteers there that told us about the "spring" that he was tending to and a little more about the house and the area from the 1800s when it was active.  I expressed my thanks to him for sharing so much of his knowledge with us because I had not expected it at all.  

The picture I took with my cell phone and unless I was going to get out in the middle of the street, I wasn't able to fit the whole "little house" in the frame so I took a picture of the "business side" entry door.  I also added a cross process action to it to make it feel "old" again.  I really like the final product too.  :)  


Chrystal S said...

Great photo. :) Is this the little house on Old Bridge Street? I've been wanting to go by there. How neat!

Anonymous said...

Awww! When Alan and I got married (at the magistrates office) we decided to find the only pretty spot to take a picture and it just so happened to be this house. So I guess it will always be special to us! :) thanks for the smile!
Shannon Cook

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful history lesson and gorgeous picture!!!! Thank you for getting Chrystal interested in her photography again!! She is a very dear dear friend I've been blessed to know for many many years and she recommended your blog to see your ART highly!!!! I'm so glad I paid attention!!!


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