Wednesday, March 02, 2011

28-365a - Pocket Change Etc & 28-365b - Ryleigh

I almost forgot AGAIN to take a picture tonight.  I saw some junk laying on my bar counter that had been left there while cleaning out our pockets after the day.  I thought it might be a neat photo to use my 20mm wide angle on.  I applied an action that I have no idea what the name is because I downloaded it and also my midnight sepia action as otherwise it would have been a little bland.

The settings are: 1/30 sec, F2.8, ISO 400, WB cloudy, Flash used, Focal length 20mm.

As I was getting ready to put my camera back in my bag, my dog was hanging out there wanting to sniff my camera...he wants to sniff everything that we could ever have in our hands.  So I let him sniff my flash and then   I quickly put it back on my camera and told him to SIT.  I got this quick snapshot off of him.  It reminds me of those silly cards you see of dogs where their noses look super huge and their eyeballs are all weird because of the perspective.  Ryleigh looked almost cross eyed in this one and he just has the cutest face to me that I had to share this one too.  I find out every time I take photos of him how photogenic Labs are...serious shots or not.

The settings for this one were: 1/30 sec, F2.8, ISO 400, WB cloudy, Flash used, Focal length 20mm.

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