Friday, March 18, 2011

44/365 Temporary Hold

I am having horrible technical difficulties. Beside my hard drive possibly being damaged I still haven't found my favorite memory card & card reader. I pulled out a different card after finding my sons card reader to use after even though it's slow as all get out and stuck it in my camera. After taking multiple cool pictures of a chain my son was wearing, I went to plug it in to ,y computer to download the pictures...and guess what...?!?! NO DICE! Windows is having trouble recognizing the drive. So...since I want to post one of those pictures & I can't get to them until I break down & get another card reader, I unfortunately will not be posting tonight. I guess I couldn't have expected to have been able to go all year without missing a day. I'm really only missing one day POSTING and not taking the picture. I can't wait to see it large on my computer. So, forgive me & check back tomorrow as I will be posting it tomorrow

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