Thursday, March 10, 2011

36/365 iPad 2 Sales

I was SO upset after calling Best Buy this afternoon about their iPad 2 sales and finding out that you had to go inside at 4:30pm and be given a ticket to go buy the thing at 5:00pm!  And on top of that the 3 stores that are selling them around here, don't even know which ones they are going to have in stock!  So...I really don't want to risk standing in a 3 hour line to "maybe" get the one I want.  (64GB Wifi + 3G)  I figured if the "release date" was March 11th, I'd logically be able to go get it in the morning when the store opened.  So, I came home and made a couple of calls where my mom lives just to make sure it's the same deal and it is.  Plus, my internet research confirmed the same thing.  I have been so excited all week and it's been the slowest week ever just because of that.  Now, I don't know when I'll get one because they don't allow pre-sales.  Guess I'll be getting up at 4am to order it straight from Apple.  If I wait til I get up in the morning...on my day off...I'm thinking it'll be sold out.  So...sorry for venting for this photo of the day but dang I'm NOT happy and I want everyone to know about it!  HA!  It'll be better tomorrow.  Maybe I'll throw in an extra update post after 4am to let you know if I got it ordered.  LOL!

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