Wednesday, March 23, 2011

49/365 Wirey Rust

Tonight I spent some time "scouting" in my back yard.  I started off with this cool rusted net looking metal fire pit cover but couldn't get enough focus range on it to be happy with it.  Then, I snapped some shots of quarry rock around our sump pump because it's got some great texture in it but I wasn't feeling the macro on it.  I snapped some shots of other stuff like the wood roof on my birdhouse and the top of a fence post.  Nothing was pleasing me, even the center bolt of the rutter on my husbands boat that looked awesome "in camera".  One of the series of shots I took was of a rusty wire fence and post that sits in my neighbors yard closing in a small section where our two fences meet so their dog can't get out.  I took 15 shots of the same thing.  Some closer than others, a couple different angles.  For my shot of the day, this one satisfied me the most.  I love the color, the clarity, the composition and also how the green rusty spotted steel fence post rail that was used as a "color" backdrop for the rusty knot.  If you haven't looked for rusty items to photograph before, I definitely suggest trying it out.  The color and texture it lends in your pictures is gorgeous to me.

My settings for this shot were: Exposure 1/250, Aperture F3.5, ISO 500, WB Shade, Focal Length 60mm, Flash not fired.

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