Sunday, March 13, 2011

39-365 Josie Portrait

I didn't take a picture today.  This time change sucks.  I like the longer days but this particular time change always seems to be hardest for me to adjust to.  

Since I am pulling from the archives, I thought I'd share my most absolute favorite portrait I've ever taken.  I'm pleased with everything about this one.  I feel that the composition, exposure, softness and precious personality of this beautiful little girl.  I love it in black and white because of her dark hair and dark eyes.  This was taken in 2006 and her name is Josie.  Her mom used to babysit for and is also a great friend as well as her mom is to me.  We've known each other quite a while and I've been able to be a part of many of Josie's "firsts" along her first couple of years.  It's sad how time can separate people and though I still consider them great friends, we don't get to see each other so much these days.  Josie has a little sister and brother two that I've not gotten a chance to photograph due to the busy schedule I seem to never be able to reduce.  I hope that eventually that will change.  Hopefully before the little ones grow up and go to college.

I'm so thankful for EXIF data because even though this was quite some time ago, the digital file still has the shooting data.  The settings were: 1/100 sec, aperture F4.5, ISO 1250, focal length 40mm.

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