Saturday, March 26, 2011

51/365 Pirates at the Expo

I actually "sort of cheated" on this picture but I wanted to post the one I had of our booth WITH the awesome balloon arch our Grant/ByLaw Coordinator made.  She did a great job so it just had to be in the picture.

Our Fundraising Coordinator got us a booth at the Swansboro Business Expo and even though we are non profit and not really a "business" we were able to make a little money off of our hourly raffles for the upcoming  seasons. We even got some potential first time football players from the 6 hours we were there.  We were quite surprised with the turn out and response.  I hope to be able to have a booth for my husbands shop next year. is my photo for yesterday...(we did decorate everything but the trophy's and the arch yesterday so it technically "counts" as a yesterday picture.)

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