Tuesday, March 22, 2011

47-385 Colored Clips

I have to first share my awesome news!  I FOUND my card reader and favorite memory card.  It was in the bottomless pit I call my purse.  Hrmph.  How excited I was for that!  I had pretty much given up and thought it was gone.  

My picture today is actually yesterdays picture and I may retake this later with my Nikon because I really like the idea and this was taken with my HTC Evo. (I'm still impressed with the photos that it produces.)  The real thing looks much "cooler" in person too.  The picture is colored paperclips on my football registration forms.  I had to slide them down a little for each packet so they would stack a little flatter.  I thought the colors along the white paper offered up some pretty cool contrast and texture. 

As always, thanks for looking.  :-)

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