Monday, March 14, 2011

40/365 Cooking Drops

So tonight, I got out my tripod, my camera and brought in a stem of dried out and dead Crape Myrtle pods (or whatever those things are) in preparation of attempting a variety of macro shots with them as I work towards the macro contest for the photo group I am a member of that I want to enter.  I want to enter what I think would be extra great shots!  Well, after going back home for the weekend and of course taking my camera with me, when I went to get my card out of my card reader, I couldn't find it.  I pretty much leave my card in my card reader when I'm done downloading pictures from it each night and then just put it in my camera when I'm ready to use it. I have 3 or 4 cards but this one is my favorite.  I couldn't find my darn card reader either.  I've looked in my camera bag, my clothes bag (since I haven't completely unpacked yet) and everywhere else I could think I'd have put it.  Usually, I just keep it in my camera bag.  Since I lost my old card and unbearably slow card reader, I don't have a way to get my photos off of a memory card, even if I use one of my older less desired cards.

In my frustration, I just grabbed my phone and snapped a quick shot of the water that had condensed onto the clear lid covering my dinner.  I didn't have high expectations or anything but after taking only two shots, I really like the patterns and variety in this shot.  I like that it's dark on the outside edges and brightens as it moves towards the middle.  So, even though I wasn't able to do what I had planned, I was able to get a shot that I was pretty pleased with.  (In the meantime, please pray that I can find my darn card reader and favorite memory card) :-/

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