Wednesday, March 16, 2011

42/365 Watching the Welding

Today my friend and co-worker Martin and I went out in the field to see some projects.  This is the welding going on about halfway down (13') to the final depth of the pump station.  They use a huge crane to shove sheet piling down into the ground and then put a steel frame inside it to hold the piling in so they can work.  They have to pump the water that the come into contact with as they get deeper and deeper.  This pump station will be about 25' deep.  I like both of these pictures so I thought I'd try something a little different so I could show both of them. While they were welding below, I snapped the shot of Martin.  I like both pictures a lot so I combined them so that you could see what he was watching during the picture.

On a separate note, I am having huge technical difficulties and trouble with locating my card reader for my big camera memory card.  I guess I could plug up my camera but it takes forever to get pictures off of it that way.  My major issue right now is that my external hard drive where I keep EVERYTHING, including all of these 365 pictures, is dysfunctional right now.  I'm having a hard time deciding what to do with it to try to get my data off so if I happen to not post at any time, it's because I was unable to.  I don't plan on missing a single day of my whole year.  If I do happen to miss a day, I will still post my picture.  It just may be the next day when I am able to do so.  I pray I can recover my data.  My whole project is on it too.  Stupid stupid for not having a back up for my back up.  :*(

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