Tuesday, March 01, 2011

27/365 Baseball

So after cheating last night by pulling a photo from my archives, I took some time with my boys baseball and glove for today's picture.  I took 24 pictures of this at various white balances, settings and compositions and the one below is the one I decided to go with.  I tried not to be "too" macro with it since that has seemed to be my theme in many of my photos latel.  Of course, I DID take one extreme close up of the stitching on the baseball which turned out kind of cool.  Maybe I'll save that for one of my cheats another day.  After discussing and researching the "rules" of a 365 Project (you're supposed to actually take a photo a day), my friend Chrystal said she could tell us right now that she won't be doing that.  I had to agree.  For the most part, I will take a photo each day but there are times that life will surely get in the way that I will have to rely on my archives.

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Chrystal S said...

Nice Heather! I really like the tone and I always enjoy your macro photography. :)


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