Thursday, March 03, 2011

29/365 Crane

So while my friend Martin and I were finally visiting the site of "my" pump station...a project I did the drawings for (the first pump station I've ever done drawings for)..he pointed to a Bradford Pear tree and said that would make a picture for today.  THEN as soon as I took a picture of it...he post too many flowers...take a picture of the crane.  So...I thought..okay then...I'll amuse you today...of course I felt obligated because he DID bust me out of the office today.  ;-)  So I have to post this for him.  

I took about 10 pictures of the crane and I had hoped to post one of it moving or placing the sheet piling but because of the location of the sun and the fact that I had to back up so far to get the whole crane in with the sheet piling, I got a weird haze over the picture.  So, I'm posting the first picture that I took instead.  It looks slightly grainy on my computer but that may be because I had to upload it to facebook first and then download it instead of getting it from my email, despite the fact that I tried to email it to myself like four times.  I snapped the shot though as soon as it started turning around to the right and a puff of smoke "poofed" out at the same time as you can see in the picture.  :-)  I tried this in B&W but I loved the bright blue of the sky in it and for the angle I was shooting at and the location of the light, I think it turned out pretty good.  Taken with my cell phone, the only setting I changed and experimented with was the white balance...which I ultimately ended up using auto on.

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Chrystal S said...

I like it! Glad you got to get out of the office today.


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