Monday, March 21, 2011

45/365 Good Health Food

So Saturday, I wanted to make my family a healthy dinner.  I always have a craving for healthy food when it starts to get warm outside like this.  This time of year is the prime time for fresh vegetables and fish!  I bought some tuna steaks and grilled them on the grill with a simple mix of salt, pepper & garlic powder.  They were a tiny bit more cooked than I wanted them to be but still really good.  I made sauteed spinach & mushrooms with Parmesan cheese and also roasted red potato's and olive oil & garlic whole wheat toast.  We also had one over sized crab stuffed mushrooms.  So...I thought I'd share my picture of my delicious dinner even though a couple of my friends have said to stop posting food if I didn't have enough to share. :-)

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Chrystal S said...

That looks pretty darn yummy!!!


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